MayaKare bases its development on constructive and founding values

Our values

  • Health, an essential pillar to all human perspectives
  • Bio-ecology, the security foundation for living conditions
  • Trust, at the bottom of any human action
  • Authenticity, the proof of the rightness of our actions

These values are indispensable both on a personal level as well as on a corporate level. In our opinion, the future ecosystem will be based on a good balance between these different aspirations.

Mayakare ambassador of Wenow

As citizens and as a business, we know that it is complicated to act and implement a solution to reduce your carbon impact in an affordable way. Mayakare is taking action now by using the WeNow solution. Wenow is a connected unit to help you drive your car without impacting the environment and reduce your fuel budget.

Wenow, it is possible to act for the climate and reduce its expenses.If you do not have a turnkey solution to act on the carbon impact of your activities, Mayakare recommends that you use Wenow, the connected housing that helps you ride without impacting the climate and reduce your Fuel budget. A responsible and profitable action for a better world.

Mayakare supports the Rimba Raya projest

The swamp forests of Borneo are a huge ecological value, if only for the amount of carbon that they confine. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. The Rimba Raya project is the largest initiative to protect and preserve this major ecological resource.