About Us

MayaKare is the medical device extra-financial rating agency

First rating agency adapted to the life sciences industry

Because a health innovation cannot be assessed and valued like any other technology in another business sector. The main variables taken into account to assess the solvency of the company are determined by the medical sector market. Mayakare stands out from consulting firms and rating agencies which assess corporate social responsibility (CSR).

MayaKare rates businesses with new risk analysis models

and specialized methods which are adapted to the medical and life sciences industry’s constraints, rules and practices. An extra-financial rating at the request of companies or investors based on mainly qualitative criteria to get the MK80 Score, the score of excellence which indicates "Go for an investment".

Methods that are in line with modern-day requirements

The economy is becoming increasingly digitized and the medical sector is experiencing an unprecedented technical and technological revolution. It is necessary to change our focus and methods in order to look beyond the classic analysis. Thanks to a qualitative analysis and a holistic approach on the medical environment. A multimodal assessment which is based on: the analysis of documents, questionnaires, interview and audit results in managerial off mode, with the managers of the company and predictive analyses with algorithm and mathematical models.

Professionalization and digitalization of the traditionally artisanal analysis processes

Mayakare is a specialized actor in medical assessment and has developed standardized, producible and repeatable analysis models which are adapted to any company that manufactures an innovative healthcare technology. The audit & rating processes have been automated in order to gain quality and speed.

Technical analysis that no longer leaves room for improvisation

The promise of a medical innovation no longer depends only on the benefit/risk ratio of the medical device or the clinical results. The technical expertise of a physician or surgeon is now no longer enough to validate the medico-technical and scientific aspects.

The Team

Stéphanie Patin

Stéphanie Patin

CEO & Founder

MayaKare was founded by Stéphanie Patin. She has Master 2 Health Sciences Degree from the Claude Bernard University. She also studied at the EM Lyon Business School, under the double program Executive Development, Early Makers Start-up & the business enterprise advanced master’s degree.

She has 7 years of experience in commercial actions and negotiations, during the first half of her professional life. A recent mission as key account manager in a large French bank. For 15 years, she has been specialized in evaluation methods (pre-clinical & clinical studies, epidemiology, medico-economics, and observational studies) of innovative therapeutic modalities for the prevention, treatment and monitoring of pathologies in therapeutic impasse.

As a result of reflections carried out with investors and manufacturers of biotechnology, (Medtech, biocleantech) and public institutions, she decided to create MayaKare to respond to the need for value creation tools of French-speaking technologies.

Thierry Clopeau

co-founder & Developer

Senior lecturer in applied mathematics at the C.Jordan Institute, University C.Bernard Lyon1.

Thierry has worked with industrial partners (Saint Gobain, Rhodia, Andra ...) on topics related to mathematical engineering, more particularly in optimization, fluid dynamics...

Passionate about programming in several languages starting with Basic on Amstrad CPC 464 (for those who know it!) and recently Julia, he is the author and contributor of various free software programs, as well as in the drafting of tutorials. Entrepreneur since 2013 with operational functions in 2 companies that sell fashion products and an activity as a freelance consultant. Thierry joined MayaKare to develop new expertise tools and also tools to identify what is relevant in a world of information overload in order to offer decision support for the assessment of new technologies.