Our differences

MayaKare identifies the medical germs which will make tomorrow’s profits

The first holistic medical assessment model that delivers the success factors for medical device investments.

The medical assessment method for anticipating risks before the investment decision dedicated to medical devices and technologies.

An extra-financial rating based on 4 aspects, 18 assessment items and over 400 criteria and investment success factors.

A scientific approach, new models mathematics, a relational excellence

In order for the medical technological gems which will make future profits to access their market, MayaKare’s areas of differentiation are based on 4 pillars that have been developed and adapted to the medical and life sciences sector’s practices..

Audit, report, score, reach the MK80 Score

Unavoidable portal before investment in Medical Device

Mayakare is a response to the need for new standardized, repeatable, and adaptable analysis models for any company that manufactures innovative healthcare technology.

The professionalization and digitization of the technical analysis of medical aspects before investment , hitherto artisanal. An automated audits and scoring processes to improve both the quality and speed.

In order to face the current medical revolution and the stakes of the digitization and upheavals that this entails on economic models in the life sciences.

MayaKare a Fin-Help* To develop your chances of return on investment

* Investment Facilitator