Becoming a MayaKare client allows you to benefit from a wide range of tailored solutions for your business and the key moments of your company

Protection of your strategic information

To guarantee optimum confidentiality and security, the strategic elements concerning your company will be communicated to you only during oral interviews.

Protection from massive commercial relaunching processes

No pop-ups or ads from us will appear while you browse on our web-based interfaces. You will be shielded from any excessive commercial stalking linked to your visit on our website.

The right to be removed from our databases

At any time, you can ask to be removed from our database by sending us an e-mail :

A free “return on experience” (ROE) half-day post-service

To give us your opinion on the service in order to allow us to adjust our services and products according to your needs and expectations.

Special rates for Green Offers

We offer remote audits via web conference to reduce traveling. Teleworking allows you to save time without losing the sine qua none of the relationship. Consult our Green Offers

Digitalization commitment

Our work and analyses are fully digitized and accessible on all electronic media (smart phone, tablets).