Our Approach

MayaKare is the medical device extra-financial rating agency

When do we intervene?

In the company’s life cycle and development, we intervene during 4 phases:

  • In gestation,
  • In capital development,
  • During the reorganization of the shareholdings, LBI,
  • During a corporate transfer or takeover (LBO)

In what situation do we intervene?

From an operational point of view, we intervene in the following situations: during negotiation stages between funders and manufacturers

  • During investment risk management and analysis,
  • When preparing a fundraising campaign (due diligence),
  • During negotiation stages between funders and manufacturers

At the heart of Mayakare’s skills

  • The development of health innovations, meaning Medtech and biocleantech.
  • The desire to promote the growth of the health sector, a major source of value and job creation.

Our commitments

  • The ability to make connections
  • Peace of mind in cooperation and analysis
  • A pragmatic approach based on results
  • 360° open-mindedness

We guide the makers of medical progress

The world is changing, the economy is becoming increasingly digitized and the medical sector is experiencing an unprecedented technical revolution. Mayakare is equipped to accompany this major development.

By targeting new values

At the heart of these model changes, a lot of human talent can be found in French-speaking and English-speaking countries. Mayakare identifies the medical nuggets which will make profits in the future.

Side by side with decision-makers

The new economy is creating a new psychological and processual version for investors (risk capital, capital investment) and healthcare innovation manufacturers. Mayakare provides technical support to build the development of innovative medical care.

Our mission

Facilitate exchanges, reduce the time necessary for funders and medical technology manufacturers to understand each other in order to lead them to a common path.